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1. 빈칸에 들어갈 Agreeing의 표현으로 적절한 것은?

Sally: And we should make sure that utilities are included in the rent.

Gina: Definitely. _____________

  ① I’d love to.                            

  ② If you ask me.

  ③ I couldn’t agree more. 

  ④ What’s your opinion?

2. 아래 대화에서 빈칸에 공통적으로 들어갈 동사는?

Sally: Let me ( ) this straight. Are you saying that you don’t want to live downtown?

Gina: No, not at all. Don’t ( ) me wrong. I’d love to live downtown. It’s just that I’d prefer to live in an apartment building rather than a character home.

  ① do                              ② get              

  ③ make                             ④ try


3. 밑줄 친 부분이 내포하는 의미와 가장 가까운 것은?

The New Year has started well for Sally. Time is flying by. She appreciates her uncle’s warm hospitality but doesn’t want to outstay her welcome.

  ① 병원에서 퇴원하고 싶다. 

  ② 접대에 감사하며 거주하려 하다.

  ③ 다른 곳으로 옮기고 싶다. 

  ④ 말로만 환영하는 것을 바라지 않는다.


4. 문맥의 흐름으로 보아 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현은?

Peter: Sounds good to me. Is that the time? I have to run. I’m playing squash with Phil.

Gina: (          )! We haven’t decided what we’re doing on Sunday.

Peter: Um, OK. How about Chinatown? Sally hasn’t been there yet and there’s lots to see. What do you think?

  ① Cheer up                             ② Come on

  ③ Stay up                             ④ Hold on 


5. 아래 글의 제목으로 적절한 것은?

She enjoys her work, but is considering a change of lifestyle. She might go back to school and study accounting. Shelley rents an apartment with sea views. She has lots of friends and a busy social life, but sometimes enjoys a quiet evening at home, reading or watching TV. She would like to get married and have a family.

  ① Solo                            

  ② Success in life

  ③ The Baby Makes Three

  ④ The Golden Years


멀티미디어영어, 영어회화1  5-1

1 학년   3 교시

 6. 아래와 같은 lifestyle에 해당하는 사람은?

At last! Time to do all the things I enjoy: reading, looking after my yard, spending time with my grandchildren, and so much more.

   ① landlord                  

   ② gardener

   ③ babysitter               

   ④ retired person


 7. 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은?

Mark does have a lot of personal baggage, doesn’t he? Maybe it would be a good idea to keep that in mind. He’s so much older than you, divorced, and he has a kid.

   ① 성격                            

   ② 부담              

   ③ 가방                            

   ④ 조건


 8. 빈 곳에 들어갈 적절한 단어는?

Wendy (      ) buying a new car, but then she changed her mind.

   ① considered              

   ② planned

   ③ thought                            

   ④ remembered


 9. 밑줄 친 표현의 의미는?

I know what you’re saying, but why does all that matter? We really seem to hit it off.

   ① leave soon              

   ② look far down the road

   ③ lose control of    

   ④ get along very well


10. 아래 글의 내용에 어울리는 빈칸에 들어갈 것은?

I think parents really need to take an active role in their children’s education. My mom was a hippie. She used to say that if I didn’t want to go to school, I didn’t have to. As a kid that was great, but now I regret it. Looking back, I realize my mom didn’t help me. (           ) are very important for a child.

   ① Accomplishments

   ② Challenge and response

   ③ Encouragement and direction

   ④ Success and self-fulfillment


11. 빈칸에 들어갈 두 동사의 형이 바르게 된 것은?

Steve left the kayak with his friend, and Sean spent the next two years ( ), ( ) on the lake as often as he felt he could.

   ① to recover, to kayak       

   ② recovering, to kayak

   ③ to recover, kayaking       

   ④ recovering, kayaking


멀티미디어영어, 영어회화1  5-2

1 학년   3 교시

12. 밑줄 친 부분에 해당하는 것은?

Boyfriend: Hi. Is Jennie there?

Roommate: May I ask who’s calling?

Boyfriend: David.

Roommate: Just a minute. I’ll get her.

   ① identifying the caller  

   ② returning the call

   ③ recording a greeting 

   ④ asking for a message


13. 밑줄 친 부분이 의미하는 것은?

Gina: If you like, I could show you how to do a few recipes, and in no time you’ll be a gourmet cook, just like me!

Sally: I’d like to take you up on that, if you really mean it.

   ① accept your offer  

   ② add something more

   ③ help you for a while 

   ④ try something for the last time


14. 빈칸에 가장 적합한 표현은?

When Ann took a bite of her dessert, she cried, “This apple pie is ___________.

   ① deliciously 

   ② to die for

   ③ kill for 

   ④ tasting good


15. 아래의 표현들이 해당되는 것은?

Sorry, I’m afraid it’s not working.

I’d like to, but I’m too busy.

I wish I could, but I have classes today.

   ① Agreeing to requests 

   ② Apologizing to someone

   ③ Refusing requests                         

   ④ Offering to do something


16. 교재의 내용으로 볼 때 빈칸에 가장 적합한 표현은?

Also, whenever your co-worker asks to borrow money, smile and tell her that you would love to, but you are broke too! (         ) and the problem should take care of itself.

   ① Persevere               

   ② Discuss the problem

   ③ Confront her 

   ④ Ask for advice


17. Take your cue from your host에서 밑줄 친 부분의 의미는?

   ① end the relationship              

   ② express admiration

   ③ need much attention  

   ④ follow the example


18. 교재의 Etiquette for Houseguests에 의하면 하지 말아야 할 것은?

   ① Be too demanding.

   ② Bring a small gift for your host.  

   ③ Give your host some free time.

   ④ Take your shoes off when you enter


멀티미디어영어, 영어회화1  5-3




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